Sally Stanton, Ph.D.
Words have enormous power and potential!  I am passionate about words, and I enjoy helping people develop greater confidence, proficiency, and skill in writing. I consider myself a Word Wrangler - handling words with the care, precision, and respect they deserve.

With 25 years experience in nonprofits, higher education, and business, I’m an expert in front-line, managerial, and executive communications. I work with entrepreneurs, executive directors, CEO’s, and everyone in-between to create high quality, focused communication strategies designed to achieve specific professional and organizational goals.

Extensive formal education in the social sciences, business management, and qualitative research enables me to assess organizational culture, identify research and communication needs, and devise customized, realistic responses to your communication challenges.

My experience as a nonprofit administrator, writing teacher, coach, mentor, and consultant/entrepreneur give me the flexibility to easily work with you and your organization in the style and pace that fits you best.

As a certified yoga teacher, I am trained to bring together complex elements in unity to create strength and power. I strive to bring out the best in those who work for me and in those for whom I work. I value service, integrity, and collaboration. Working together, we become greater.

The Grant Squad™
Does this sound familiar?
The proposal is due next week, but you just received the RFP today.
You’re short-handed and a critical grant deadline is looming.
You’ve got crises, problems and fires to put out - you never seem to get to that important proposal sitting in your Inbox.
You need help.  You need someone who can grab a writing project and run with it.

We’re here for you - just call The Grant Squad™! Write Now! Consulting’s Grant Squad will swoop in with whatever help is needed - coaching, editing, draft review, writing - so you can breathe a little easier.
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